To all of the amazing volunteers, sponsors and participants who have supported and planned to attend the 3rd Annual Troy Angiosarcoma Awareness Run/Walk next month, we sincerely apologize for the lateness of this update. We realize that the race was suppose to be soon. We meant to get this notice out much sooner, but Ryan’s health has taken an unexpected turn requiring surgery. Rest assured he will be better than okay, but for this reason, getting an event update out to you has taken some extra time.

After strong consideration and discussion between the two of us, we have decided to postpone the event until next year. Requests & demands were asked of our event that were not feasible in the time-frame allotted nor did they fit the design, layout, and overall structure of our event. To relieve stress, anxiety and tension, we ultimately and with great sadness decided upon postponing to regroup and revamp the race. We have our hearts set to hold the event in 2016 and we promise to keep you informed.

We want to thank you for your support the past 2 years. Because of YOUR SUPPORT we raised more than $46,000 with a total profit of $33,000. Those funds went DIRECTLY to Angiosarcoma Awareness, Inc. to be used for research.

If you have any questions, concerns or anything, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact Melissa Chinn. You can reach her at At this time, we are encouraging Ryan to put all of his focus on his family and his health. We invite you to continue to keep up with his treatments and progress as he travels to Houston at the end of April for another Gamma Knife operation on his brain.

Thank you again, for everything! We truly could not have done it without each one of you.

Event Coordinator
Ryan Humphrey / (517) 242-8146

Graphic Coordinator
Melissa Chinn / (605) 310-7563

Nobody Fights Alone
PO Box 453
Grand Ledge, MI 48837


2013 Troy ASA 5k Event Photo

1st Annual Angiosarcoma Awareness 5K on May 4, 2013

Registered Participants 368
Volunteers 30
Raffle Prizes 28
Event Sponsors 20

Total Funds Raised $26,062.90

A $25,000 research grant was awarded to Dr. Vinod Ravi, M.D. at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX on July 17, 2013 as a direct result of the First Annual Troy ASA 5k.
Click here to view the Isabella Nicole Slot Angiosarcoma Awareness Inc. Grant
2nd Annual Angiosarcoma Awareness 5K on May 3, 2014

Registered Participants 329
Volunteers 70
Raffle Prizes 52
Event Sponsors 36

Total Funds Raised $20,808.95

  Troy Angiosarcoma Awareness: Steps Toward a Cure